At VIEV, our axiom is “Make Life Work.” We’ve done “complicated.” It’s time for simple. We asked ourselves what if we made less, better? So, we designed a jacket that we, ourselves, would wear doing all the things we love to do and have to do; riding, hiking, commuting, working, etc. We make less, own less, but experience more. And we produce these garments for like-minded people and that’s it.

Making life work is our raison d’etre and the core tenet of everything we strive for. We find life works better by solving complicated problems with simple solutions. This wasn’t achieved in a status quo environment - not even close. This solution is the result of evolution, adaptability, and the persistent dedication to why.

VIEV was concepted, conceived, and engineered by the experimental futurists at Gore that utilized applied science with freedom of thought. We implemented an open allocation model through all facets of the design process allowing us to seamlessly weave amongst each other without creating friction. We are the pulse of what’s next, actively listening, and participating in the social conversation to discover unthought-of problems and more intuitive solutions to help navigate the ins-and-outs of an ever-changing world.

VIEV - Make life work.

Life Designed