About Us

VIEV was founded by the futurists at Gore, the creators of the renowned Gore-Tex technology. Free-thinking designers, engineers, and scientists who asked, after summiting the highest peaks and reaching the moon, what’s next?

Make the everyday remarkable.

We started VIEV because we couldn't find clothing that looked great and performed like the best technical gear in the world. Clothing built for all we love to do and have to do. That lets us focus on what’s important, while enjoying the journey. So in 2021, in the midst of a global pandemic, with an eye towards city life returning to a new normal, our team came together to invent a new essential: A jacket designed to make the most of each day.

One that looks as good as it performs. Design-led outerwear with art and science in equal measure. Exceptionally innovative and brilliantly versatile, a blend of timeless style and world-class protection from the elements.

Life moves fast, VIEV moves with you.