Introducing Gemma

Excellence without excess

gemma long

Simple and steadfast, yet intuitive and powerful. Acclimatize to the elements with fortress-like protection. A fortress sounds rigid right? This one has a unique suppleness to it, built to withstand without inhibiting any movement. Leave the umbrella, take the jacket.

Gemma Insulated Long

The Gemma Insulated Long will become your place of refuge. It’s the vantage point from which you can admire the playground of your life. Spacious, incredibly warm without weight, and adaptable enough to be worn for any and every occasion that arises. Its unique lightness is almost frightening.

Gemma Mid

Made for taking a pause to think about what can be achieved in the day and then realizing that nothing is impossible. VIEV apparel is forged with the optimizer in mind, but the Gemma Mid sets the standard for ultimate adaptability because it blends unique materials and design innovation. Windproof, waterproof, everyday versatility.

VIEV exists to deliver the freedom to tap into life’s meaningful moments, to open your consciousness to the world, and to make less, better. We are responsible for the impacts on our environment and aim to change the social habits around consumer waste while making life remarkable.

Life Designed